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Kenneth "Pep" M. Hunsicker

Catherine L. Odenwelder

Richard A. "Rick" Knorr

Robert W. Rainbow

Blanche A. Ruoss

Theresa M. Bentzel

Stanley M. Stoudt

Allen J. Grumbine

Mary Ruth (Young) Copenhaver

Irvin E. Benfer

Mildred A. Houtz

"Googie" Lew A. Shanaman

Eugenie "Jean" Ruhl

Homer W. Heffelfinger

Makenna M. Wohlbruck

Jean M. Kostaras

Joseph "Joe" C. Ainsworth

Doris M. “Dolly” Iannicelli

Grace C. Kelchner

Gloria J. Blatt

Katherine A. Steward

Jean B. Wengert